50 Awesome Food Inventions, Innovations and Ideas

50 Awesome Food Inventions, Innovations and Ideas

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Welcome to our list of 50 awesome food inventions, innovations, and ideas. We can see you have great taste.

Join us as we explore the "interweb" for examples of fantastic ideas to either cook, eat, buy or other activities related to food.

Some are downright strange, others ingenious but all, in their own way, help every single work hard, play hard one of us. Our particular favorite is the "throngs" but more on those later.

Sit back and enjoy our world tour, sort of, of 50 awesome food inventions, innovations and ideas.

You're welcome.


The following are in no particular order and are far, far, from exhaustive. Trust us.

1. Chicken and fries in a bowl on a cup with a straw!

Let kick our list of mega food inventions, innovations and ideas off with this beauty.

Do you like fried chicken and fries? Would you like a drink with that? Great.

Now you need to carry it! No problem we've got you covered! With this all in one basket, you can clog your arteries and skirt dangerously close to developing diabetes without needing more than one hand!


2. Food cone and table holder double team

Next, on our list of food inventions is also fried food related.

There are some restaurants around the world who serve their food in cones. This is quite common in the UK. You also get the pleasure of eating them with very fragile wooden forks, what a treat! But this restaurant goes a little bit further and provides conveniently shaped holes for cones in their tables so you can rest your tired hands!

How thoughtful!

3. 3 in 1 toaster oven, coffee maker, and griddle

Make breakfast even more pleasurable by preparing it as efficiently as possible. Cook your bacon eggs, warm up a croissant and brew your coffee all at the same time!

What a nifty invention, or gimmick, depending on your point of view.

4. Ready to pour ketchup stand

Hot on the heels of our fried food options above you're going to need some condiments with that! The problem is ketchup can require a little teasing to pour! Not anymore, did that rhyme? Anyway, this stand makes sure your ketchup is always ready for your needs!

5. Bubble waffle maker

Next, on our list of food inventions is a great waffle maker.

Apparently, bubble waffle is very popular in Hong Kong. Wherever you are in the world we doubt you'd pass up on an opportunity to try this. When it's ready simply roll it up and munch on the go!


6. Heart shaped waffles

Ah, lovely.

Romance and food, what better combination? Did we mention they come with a stick? Need we say anymore?

Give that special someone in your life the most magnificent gift with this fantastic device.

7. Chewing gum disposal papers

Well after all that fatty food you'll need to clean your palette.

Chewing gum will do the trick. Now you've finished chewing don't just swallow it and definitely don't spit it on the floor!

These chewing gum packages come with handy papers to wrap your used gum in before disposal!

Now that is handy!

8. Microwave bacon cooker

This addition to our list of the mega food inventions helps you "healthy" microwave your bacon in style.

Basically, drape your bacon on the side of the "mug", stick in the microwave, wait, pour off the fat and, hey presto, cooked fat-free bacon.

9. Bacon bowl

So let me get this straight?

I can make a bowl out of bacon, fill it with stuff, eat it all and not have to wash up? Brilliant, shut up and take my money!

As the box says "Everything tastes better in a bacon bowl".

I bet it does!!

10. Lego table tracking

We all love Lego, but it's not just for leisure time, it can be employed for serious business solutions!

This restaurant cleverly makes use of everyone's favorite construction blocks into a great table management aid. We are impressed!

Couldn't they have added lego people too, you know to make it look more "realistic"?

Everyone is a critic.

11. Skull fried egg mold

Well, well what do we have here?

Next, on our list of food inventions is a skull-shaped mold you can fry your eggs "sunny side up" in.

Why not add a couple of rashers of streaky bacon to complete the pirate theme with crossed bones.

12. Barcode microwave cooking

Not literally cooking barcodes of course, but wouldn't it be nice to have your microwave know how long to cook your microwave meal? Well, now it can!

This great example of food inventions lets you scan your package's barcode and automatically "zaps" it to perfection!

13. Microwave silent mode

Perhaps you love the whir and ping of your microwave, perhaps not.

Maybe you work in an office and don't want to annoy your co-workers whilst you make your lunch.

Maybe you don't care either way.

Whatever your position on this, here is a microwave with a "mute" option. Take it or leave it.

14. Mess-free waffle maker

Well, what more can we say? Waffle making can be rather messy at times.

This tilted grill is just perfect for such occasions.

Excess batter runs into overflow channels and eases cleanup.

What a star!

Nice one.

15. Stretchy food coverings

Who couldn't resist this entry on our list of food inventions?

Protect and extend the shelf life of your food with these stretchy reusable food covers!

Ok, it may make them look like they are covered in goo from Ghostbusters 2 but if it saves money, who cares?

16. Tortilla taco buttress

Like tacos? Like architecture? Don't like your taco getting soggy from contact with beans? Why not use a tortilla to brace your taco and keep it nice and dry.

Plus you get a free tortilla in the process.

17. Bathroom mouthwash dispenser

Too much garlic or love to munch onions? We've all been there.

This handy device saves you the embarrassment of meal-induced halitosis by offering each customer free mouthwash!

What a thoughtful and generous idea!

18. Brownie tray location color coding

This great example of great food inventions is purely inspired! Do you prefer your brownie from the middle of the tray?

Maybe you like the crust of brownies on the edge of the tray?

Perhaps the corner pieces are your favorite? But without the tray being present how are you supposed to know where they come from?

No problem, this cheeky baker has got your back! Color coding!


19. Smiley happy pancake maker

Ah, lovely. Everyone loves pancakes right? Simply pour your batter into this fantastic frying pan pancake mold and make everyone's day! Perfect for kids and adult kids alike!

Look at the varieties of facial expressions, how could you refuse such an offer?

20. Unscented and Scented soap dispenser

Unscented or Scented, that is the question?

Clearly, you don't want scented soap before you eat but it would be nice to have the option after eating.

Hmm. Well, this handy solution gives you all the options and none of the downside. It even comes with helpful guide plates.

How thoughtful.

21. Egg and bacon microwave thing

We are not entirely sure why cooking an egg and some bacon is troublesome enough to justify this device but it looks pretty neat.

Look, you can put them in different compartments and expose them to the raw power of microwaves!

Why bother using conventional direct heat sources we say?

22. Pringle tabs

nles are great but there is nothing more frustrating than getting those last few out of the tube. You either need to get your hands stuck or risk spilling them all over the place. Well, in Asia they've got that all figured out. Their Pringles come with a handy lift up tab to make "popping" so much easier! Marvelous.

[Image Source: Reddit]

23. "All you can eat" pricing per height

Although technically not an "invention" per se, this is a pretty clever alternative to "one price fits all".

[Image Source: Reddit]

24. Coke ice cubes

Sick and tired of ice cubes melting and watering down your cola? Why not make the cubes from cola? That way you constantly get a mini refill! Genius.

[Image Source:Reddit]

25. Staff beer tip

Anyone who has ever worked as a waiter or waitress knows that the tips inevitably go into buying "booze" at the end of the shift anyway. Why not cut out the middleman and tip the staff for a job well done with beer. Nice touch, and convenient!

[Image Source: Reddit]

26. Train beer delivery

Sticking with the beer theme, this savvy bar saves time and money by delivering the beer straight to the customer with a table top model train! Where is this pub? I must visit it immediately! I may even move nearby, who knows. Let's get on the beer train, shall we? Whoo whoo!

[Image Source: Reddit]

27. Safe spaces for phones

The ingenuity of people astounds even us here at IE. There are some amongst us who seem to have an irresistible compunction to destroy their mobile phones. Whether it be leaving it to the care of gravity or attempting to drown them with drinks! Fear no more, this restaurant protects your phone whilst you eat! Cheers chaps!

[Image Source: Reddit]

28. Colour coding "ripeness" stickers for fruit

We've all been there, staring for hours at fruits and vegetables, wondering if they are ripe enough to eat or about to go off in about 2 hours! Avocados are a prime example, does anyone actually use them for anything else other than guacamole? Well, now you have a friend in label form. With these, you can easily tell if the fruit is ripe enough!

[Image Source: Reddit]

29. Works for mangos too

But what about mangos we hear you cry? Don't worry mango-philes we've got you covered too! Aren't we good to you!

[Image Source: Reddit]

30. Banana ripeness sorting

How about bananas? This wonderful store saves you a lot of hassle by handily sorting the bananas by ripeness on your behalf! Now that is a convenience store! Thanks, guys.

[Image Source: Reddit]

31. "Leave me alone" table signs

It is nice being waited on hand and foot at a restaurant. But wouldn't it be nice to have an ability to tell the staff to "leave you the hell alone". Well, this solution does just that, saving everyone the embarrassment of needing to answer questions with a mouth full of food! Great.

[Image Source: Reddit]

32. Lemon juice spray attachment

I hate juicing fruit using my own brute force or gadgets. Why hasn't anyone invented a way of just sticking a spray bottle top into the citrus fruit? Well, funny you should say that. In Peru they have! Screw the attachment directly into, say, a lemon, and spray away! Marvelously lazy, we love it!

33. Magnifying glasses on shopping trolleys

Have you forgotten your reading glasses, again? Hey, no worries these shopping trolleys have handy magnifying glasses for your convenience. Nice touch!

[Image Source: Reddit]

34. Picnic tables for the whole family

Ever have trouble finding enough seating for your entire family? Can the little ones reach the table from the seat? How about any disabled members? Yeah, annoying right? Not anymore, these picnic tables have got you all covered.

[Image Source: Reddit]

35. Fork sticks

Fed up of needing to ask for a fork when eating oriental food? Perhaps you're too embarrassed to ask for them? Well, worry no more with these combi chopstick-forks! What a great idea! Get the best of both worlds.

[Image Source: Reddit]

36. Toothpick in a spork

The spork was a great invention but how can it be improved? Is there any way of improving on this? How about adding a toothpick to the handle? Great idea and guess what, it exists?

[Image Source:Reddit]

37. Breakfast sandwich maker

Like breakfast sandwiches? Have trouble making them from scratch in the morning? Why not buy this great invention from Hamilton Beach. It's a multi-layered device that lets you cook the bottom ingredients of your sandwich. What a great device!

[Image Source: Ki2narude]

38. Easy drain noodles

Unless you like your noodles drowning or have a penchant for Ramen, you may at times wish for an easier way of draining your instant noodles. Have no fear it's already been thought of. These instant noodle packets have handy strainers included as standard! How thoughtful!

[Image Source: Reddit]

39. Egg lolly

What now? Yep, an egg on a stick that you can eat like an ice lolly. How could you resist? Simply crack an egg into this device, wait a few minutes and get your very own egg on a stick! Interesting and a bit weird. I'd like to meet the inventor.

[Image Source:Amazon]

40. "Bit more" toaster

Like your toast burnt? Great here's the perfect food invention for you. This toaster has an extra setting for you to "burn" all that pesky moisture out of your bread! Thanks, guys!

[Image Source: Reddit]

41. Double sided omelet cooker

Well, we all know it's very annoying when you need to flip them omelets to cook the reverse side. So frustrating in fact that it appears to justify this omelet cooker thing. Pretty handy!

[Image Source: Amazon]

42. Paste building occupant tombstones

Although loosely related to the article's main topic, we thought this was an interesting concept. This restaurant thought it might be funny to have tombstones of former restaurants on the site. And they were absolutely spot on, truly brilliant idea!

[Image Source: Reddit]

43. Farm vending machine

Well hats off "old bean". This is fantastic. A local farmer has actually set up a vending machine so you get fresh locally sourced produce on demand. Although not original in technology, the application is admirable in its novelty. I'd like to shake the person's hand, good job. Why would you ever go to a supermarket again?

[Image Source: Grewar Farming]

44. Wine condoms

Yes, you did read that correctly. You can actually get condoms that seal your wine bottle and prevent it, at least temporarily, from turning to nasty vinegar. Unless it tasted rubbish, in which case save the condom for a more worthy bottle. Might be worth waiting to whip these out till the time the guest have, finally, left.

[Image Source: WineCondoms]

45. "Magic" but actually science, balancing spoon

Now I think about it I'm sure I saw these all the time in my parents' kitchen. Such a simple concept yet incredibly useful. These spoons have a groove etched into them across the center of gravity so you balance them on your pan! Damn useful...

[Image Source: Reddit]

46. Anti-BS coffee sign

Look, cards on the table, I generally have no idea what the different types of coffee names actually mean. Luckily, I prefer tea anyway. This surprisingly useful coffee shop lets you "cut to the chase" and actually understand the names. Thank you very much.

[Image Source: Reddit]

47. Non-confectionary checkout

Thank you who ever came up with this one. If you are a parent you will know how difficult shopping with little ones in tow is on the best of days. Reaching the checkout can make an otherwise problem-free shopping trip an absolute nightmare. Damn you kinder egg! Worry no more with this confectionary free checkout! Brilliant.

[Image Source: Ganador]

48. Avacado preservers

These handy little devices let you preserve your precious "halves" of avocado for longer than otherwise possible. Make sure you remove the stone! Enjoy.

[Image Source: TheGrommet]

49. Pizza carrier bag

Probably more of a hack than an invention or innovation, this is certainly a good idea. Cut the corners off of a regular plastic carrier bag and safely carry your pizza, or well, any food item that is best served "flat". It would be interesting to see how many people are idle enough to actually buy one when you could easily fashion it yourself. Hey, we are all busy, who are we to judge?

[Image Source: Reddit]

50. Trongs or finger grips (sort of)

Last but by no means least, we finish on a brilliant, some might say completely useless, great example entry on our list of great food inventions, innovations and ideas. Trongs or finger grips let you touch hot, sticky or greasy food without needing to burn your fingers or needlessly clean them afterward. Grip your grub and throw away when you are done. The more we contemplate these the more they might be one of the best ideas of all time. Then again licking your fingers after eating BBQ ribs is part of the pleasure, isn't it?

[Image Source: Amazon]

My, my that was a journey of epic food inventions. We do hope you enjoyed the ride and would be interested in getting your views on some of these items, innovations or general culinary ideas. Any of them tickled your fancy? Perhaps you've seen or used them on your travels? As always, feel free to share your suggestions of food inventions, innovations or ideas out there in the big wide world.

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