5 Famous Predictions Made by the World's Top Minds

5 Famous Predictions Made by the World's Top Minds

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The future looks like a scary place to some and to others it appears as the land of opportunity. The world's top minds seem to be making predictions left and right about just what the future will hold for humanity. Here are 5 of the most prominent future predictions from some of the world's most prominent minds.

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We only have 100 years left on Earth - Stephen Hawking

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That's right, Stephen Hawking believes that the probability of a humanity-ending event occurring within the next 100 years is almost inevitable. This prediction isn't just pulled out of the blue, rather Hawking seems to have analyzed the combined probability of the many world-ending events that might occur like diseases, war, etc. After analyzing these events, while each probability is relatively small, when combined, Hawking believes almost certainly that we will need a backup plan for Earth.

Telepathy will become available like instant messaging - Mark Zuckerberg

[Image Source: JD Lasica via Flickr]

Mark Zuckerberg makes many predictions based on the advancement of social media platforms, which is only natural given his stature. He believes the next logical step in communication will be the ability to actively communicate thoughts and feelings between people through digital signals. This would bring social media and communication into a fully emotional and sensory experience. This prediction is one that Zuckerberg hopes to advance in Facebook, and it will certainly be interesting if it comes to fruition.

Humans will struggle to find meaning and robots will outwork us - Elon Musk

[Image Source: OnInnovation via Flickr]

Elon Musk is pretty convinced that many of our jobs today will be taken over by robots. With this, he fears that much of our human worth will disappear since so much of the population derives worth from their work. Musk predicts that a universal basic income will be fully necessary to sustain human well-being. He makes note that he is not advocating that robots take over all human jobs, rather that this prediction is unfortunately he thinks is something very likely. As robots take over jobs, Musk makes a point that our biggest problem will be keeping humans from feeling worthless.

Poor countries will disappear by 2035 - Bill Gates

[Image Source: OnInnovation via Flickr]

Bill Gates is actually surprisingly good at predicting the future. His foundation does much work addressing poverty around the world, giving him a rather interesting look at global trends. In one of his famous annual letters, Gates predicts that an increase in foreign aid and continuation of current globalization trends could result in the eradication of poor countries by 2035. This more specifically means that the average daily budget of people in a given country will be above USD$1.90, the currently defined poverty level.

Your brain and memories will be backed up - Michio Kaku

[Image Source: tamuccmarcom via Flickr]

You have probably seen Michio Kaku on TV and he is one of the world's premier theoretical physicists. He believes that technology will advance to a point that will allow us to upload memories and even our entire brains onto computers. There are currently many projects around the world trying to do just this and Kaku believes it will be fully possible. Kaku suggests that this will mean when you die, there will be a backup copy of your brain, creating a form of immortality.

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