5 Beautiful London Landmarks Made out of Paper

5 Beautiful London Landmarks Made out of Paper

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G.F. Smith recently approached the Paper Artist Collective to create a series of paper sculptures for their 2017 Colorplan Global Conference.

With the conference being held in London, it was only natural that the subject should be London landmarks. 12 members of the Paper Artist Collective took up the challenge, with incredible results.

Their only rule was that each sculpture must "sit on a stack of Colorplan paper measuring 42cm x 42cm". With such an open brief, the artists truly outdone themselves. We took a look and chose our favorite five from the submitted models.

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1. St Paul's Cathedral

First on our, list of London Landmarks made from paper is this fantastic example. Made by Julianna Szabo, this paper model of St Paul's Cathedral is as beautiful as the real thing. Julianna built this amazing model using nothing more than a knife, tweezers, glue and a pencil.

And her own skill and attention to detail of course.

2. Buckingham Palace

Designed and built by Annemarkieke Kloosterhof, Buckingham Palace looks incredible in paper form. Annemarkieke chose Buckingham Palace "for the flexibility of the building in terms of the amount of detail and 3D elements I could put in."

The artist wanted to build a model in which they could use many layers of different colored paper to show off the best qualities of the Colorplan paper range.

3. Palm House, Kew Gardens

Hannah Miles successfully managed to recreate Palm House at Kew Gardens in miniature paper form. She even added trees and other vegetation to really bring the model to 'life'. Compared to some of the other models here, this one is particularly 'fiddly' and well executed.

4. The Tower of London

Another fantastically detailed paper model here from Julianna Szabo. Not content with just building St Paul's, she decided to tackle the iconic Tower of London.

Julianna really captured the 'feel' of the actual building with her completed model. She even managed to capture the texture of the brick walls and other architectural features of this famous London landmark.

It is truly stunning.

5. Palace of Westminster Clock Tower

More commonly known as Big Ben or Elizabeth Tower, the Clock Tower Westminster Palace is, probably, the most iconic London landmark. With this in mind, paper artist Samantha Quinn decided to immortalize it in paper form.

So detailed is her model that some of the smaller pieces needed to be stuck down using a pinhead. The final model is a real tribute to the skill of the artist.

Absolutely beautiful. Who would have thought you could make such detailed models of London landmarks from paper alone. Tell us what you think? Which ones would you have included?

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