This Compact Electric Board Can Tackle Any Terrain From Sand to Snow

This Compact Electric Board Can Tackle Any Terrain From Sand to Snow

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In the past few years, a number of modern twists to the skateboard have emerged: from personal transporters to track boards. In the same way, personal snowmobiles have also been on the rise. All of them typically have a track-based structure set up in place of wheels with the idea of providing a more enjoyable all-terrain experience.

One company, however, is developing a compact off-road vehicle that allows users to navigate a number of terrains, and it seems it will effectively combine all the abovementioned design elements in one. The Track1, which is being developed by the Seattle-based Flux Design Company, is promising to deliver. The forward-looking design is equipped with a state-of-the-art two-wheeled and one-track board.

Company founder Michael Menendez explained the philosophy behind the product: “For the past ten years, we’ve been engineering everything from drones, aerospace, all-terrain and electric vehicles, and realized there’s nothing on the market that combined all of this coolest tech into one portable machine. We used our electric car experience to reinvent the track as you know it.”

Here are the most important specs of the vehicle:

-The tracks are designed to cover dirt, gravel, grass, snow and pavement.

-It’s fully electric and comes with a swappable battery.

-Flux guarantees a hill climb of up to a 50 percent grade.

-The Track 1 features removable bindings, which provide additional foot grip and control of the vehicle.

-The rear-driven track is designed for handling sharp turns or even pulling off some impressive dust-kicking skids.

-Riders can reach speeds of up to 32 km/h, thanks to a remote control feature.

-The vehicle has an impressive range of almost 20km.

-It features powerful LED lighting, which means night riding is no issue.

-At only 27 kilograms, the Track 1 is easy to transport, yet durable enough to support a rider up to 104kg.

-A powerful 5-horsepower-plus electric motor propels the vehicle.

-Flux promises to deliver a contact patch that is equivalent to a 76-centimeter wheel, a feature that helps it maneuver over soft terrain without sinking.

-It comes with removable handlebars for less agile riders.

The company also makes two clear statements about the vehicle’s capabilities: despite its versatility, the Track 1 should not be submerged. Also, riders should not expect an unmanned vehicle design feature.

Flux recently launched an ambitious crowdsurfing effort on indiegogo that will continue for the next month, and though the product is still in the prototype stage, a preorder option for the Track1 is available.

Customers will have to be patient, however: the company estimates that the compact vehicle will be available in November of 2018. Customers are rewarded for their commitment to the campaign with a sizable discount of $1,000 off a future Track 1 purchase, which is quite a generous offer, but it also comes with it an understanding that certain technical specifications, such as controller style or torque levels.

Although the company’s efforts over the next year will be focused on getting the Track 1 ready for market, they are guided by a very strong vision: “Our dream was to create a portable vehicle that allows you peace of mind knowing no matter what situation, storm, adventure, or daily transit demands you face, Track 1 will get you there. Our planet Earth’s terrain is a force to be reckoned with, and only our patented, continuous track can cruise through whatever nature throws at you.”

Either way, we are eagerly looking forward to the eventual product release and customer reviews.

Watch the video: Electric Snowboard Test #1 (June 2022).


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