This Bundle Teaches You How to Build Your Own Alexa App and Chatbot

This Bundle Teaches You How to Build Your Own Alexa App and Chatbot

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a concept explored in science-fiction novels and movies, but as the tech world continues to boom, we're seeing this field flourish with products like Tesla's self-driving cars and Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant. The truth is, AI is here to stay, and with the strides made in voice, chat, and vision automation, it's progressing at a blazing pace.

If you want to keep up with the curve and help guide the direction of this groundbreaking technology, the Voice, Chat and Vision Automation Bundle will get you started with the essentials. Right now, it's available for just $29.

Jump into this five-course collection, and you'll explore the technology that powers AI marvels, like Siri, self-driving cars, and chatbots. First, you'll get a working knowledge of voice apps and how to create them using AWS. You'll cover voice and text interfaces and current trends in human-computer interaction. Then, you'll explore interaction models like utterances, intents, slots, prompts, and their resolution into API calls.

From there, you'll move on to the vision and chat angles of the collection, diving into how devices to recognize images and carry out natural conversations with human users. You'll develop a working knowledge of tools like Sikuli and DialogFlow and learn what it takes to get your hands dirty creating your own AI projects, like a fully-functional chatbot.

Take a dip into the future of Artificial Intelligence with the Voice, Chat and Vision Automation Bundle. It normally retails for $845, but you can get it on sale now for $29.

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