13 Unusual Tents That Do More Than Just Keep You Warm Outdoors

13 Unusual Tents That Do More Than Just Keep You Warm Outdoors

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Getting out into the great outdoors is a good way to relax, unplug and find adventure. Going camping is one of the best ways to get close to nature and test your survival skills.

Tents are great examples of engineering design. They need to fulfill very specific briefs such as being lightweight and being able to withstand heavy weather conditions while also looking good and being easily transportable.

These 13 tents will do more than just keep you warm.

1. Orange Solar Tent

When you are out camping away from civilization, it’s still nice to have a few home comforts - but a power supply is difficult to find in the woods.

Luckily Kaleidoscope design studio has teamed up with Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunication providers, to create the Orange Solar Tent concept.

This brilliant idea combines traditional tent styling with solar panels to create a tent that can power all your devices and more.

The tent was originally conceived as an accommodation option for the huge summer music festival, Glastonbury.

2. Shoal Tent

Camping on the land too easy for you? How about taking to the water? Well now you can with this pretty insane looking floating tent from SmithFly.

Called the Shoal Tent, the aquatic accommodation lets you go to sleep wherever there is water. The tent doesn’t use any poles, you need to remember the portable air compressor.

The Shoal Tent’s base inflates to provide a sturdy floating raft and air pressure in the other two compartment means the tent topper will stay upright even in heavy winds.

3. Bubble Tent

This temporary accommodation will get as close to nature as possible. The bubble-shaped tent has clear walls so you can feel like you are in the wild while still staying warm.

It's roomy inside and features a hard floor so you'll enjoy all the scenery of nature with all the luxury.

4. Jakpak

Not only will this tent keep you warm while you sleep, it will protect you while you hike as well.

The JakPak combines a waterproof rain jacket, sleeping bag, and tent into a single piece of clothing - even better when not in use the whole thing folds up into a neat little useable backpack.

5. Truck Tent

We love tents that do more than just provide a place to sleep. This type of tent turns any truck into a home.

Simply attach it to your utility vehicle or small truck and anywhere you park is now your address. These tents range from the deluxe to the simple, but all of them will turn you into a true nomad.

6. Tentsile

'They can't chop trees down if we're all hanging out in them,' says the Tentsile Founder & CEO, Alex.

This tent not only creates a place to sleep but is also a base camp for environmental activism. The founders of Tentsile love trees so much they have planted 18 trees for every tent sold. So far they have planted over 140, 000 seedlings.

Check their website for tents slung over waterfalls and even glaciers.

7. Cocoon hanging tent

Staying on the hanging theme, the Cocoon Tree bed is part tent part treehouse. It’s designed to hang off sturdy tree branches giving its inhabitants a unique perspective on nature.

Made in France, these high-quality tents have a hard floor and room for two. They are so good you won't want to go home.

8. The Interconnected Tented Village

They say it takes a village to raise a child and that just got easier with the interconnecting tent called Qube.

Go from a solo party to a family in just seconds as these tents boast a pitching time of under two minutes. Buying the additional connecting tunnels means your tent city configuration is endless.

9.The Paddock Tent

This tent is perfect for those wanting to blend into their surroundings - that is if a countryside farm is your destination of choice.

This waterproof 2-person tent is covered in images of happily grazing sheep. No one will bother you as you enjoy the scenic views of rolling green hills around you. Just mind the local sheepdogs don't take an interest.

10. The Outrigger Kayak Tent

Why pitch a tent in one location when you can take your tent with you onto the water?

The Outrigger kayak tent combines an open top outrigger kayak with a strong weatherproof tent. Maneuver the boat with either pedals or an ordinary paddle to find your secret island.

11. The Sydney Opera House Luxury Camper Trailer

If design is your priority, this camper design from Belgian architect Axel Enthoven is what you need.

This camping option makes camping a five-star experience. The camper trailer is easy to tow and then assembles in minutes into a stunning example of tent architecture.

12. The Car Park Camper's Choice

Sometimes the great outdoors can be a little too much. The weather, the bugs etc. But if you are aching for the tent experience, but don’t want to leave behind your WiFi connection, consider the car tent option.

It is as straightforward as it sounds. Just set this tent up in a carpark and no-one will suspect there is a home away from home inside. The tents are also a great idea for urbanites sick of city rent prices - paying for parking has to be cheaper than a full lease.

This tent was conceived by artist Michael Rakowitz as a way to stimulate conversation about the use of space in our crowded cities.

13. The Trampoline Tent

Lying out on a trampoline soaking up the summer sun is one of life's greatest pleasures. Now you don’t even need to go inside when the sun goes down. Simply pull over the trampoline tent cover and you are ready for bouncing at the first hint of sunlight.

This tent easily attaches to your existing trampoline providing a great space for summer camping or an extra room for unexpected guests.

Watch the video: Winter Car Tent Camping in Snow - How I Stay Warm (June 2022).


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