You Can Get Certified as a SQL Professional with This Bundle

You Can Get Certified as a SQL Professional with This Bundle

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It’s 2018, and data is officially king. The most important and high-paying positions on Earth now revolve around gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing vast amounts of data using sophisticated databases.

Structured Query Language, commonly known as SQL, is the most widely-implemented programming language for creating and organizing databases, and having an in-depth knowledge of its functions and applications is crucial if you want to get ahead in practically any major field of data science.

And while you could invest thousands of dollars and just as many hours into a traditional computer science course to obtain these skills, the Ultimate Microsoft SQL Certification Bundle will give you a superior education aimed directly at helping you get certified in Microsoft SQL Server 2012—for just $44.

Although it can seem intimidating, SQL is easier to learn than languages like Java, C++, PHP or C#. Regardless of your programming background, the seven courses in this certification bundle will get you up to speed on everything you need to know in order to land some of the most respected credentials in tech.

You’ll start by preparing for your Microsoft 70-461 certification—a staple of the industry and a significant platform from which to jump to more advanced topics—by exploring common data manipulation techniques, configuring SQL packages across servers, and more.

From there, you’ll prepare consecutively for six more advanced certifications that will prove you can configure large SQP server components, install multiple systems, work with XML data, write automation scripts, employ effective management strategies, and much more.

Each one of the certifications you’ll be preparing for in these courses adds a significant amount of value to your resume, and the entire bundle is on sale for over 95% off at just $44.

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