Meet the New Airlander 10: World's Largest Aircraft with Luxurious Bedrooms and Glass Floors

Meet the New Airlander 10: World's Largest Aircraft with Luxurious Bedrooms and Glass Floors

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Ever wanted to travel the world in a giant balloon with open-air views with the added perks of luxury accommodations?

The world's largest aircraft is about to be transformed into a ship that will let you do just that!

British aerospace firm Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) and automotive and aviation design consultancy Design Q have partnered to develop a luxury tourism version of HAV's industrial Airlander 10, currently the world's largest aircraft. Simulations of what the revamped model's interior is set to look like were revealed at this week's Farnborough International Airshow.

Airlander Luxury Tourism Design Development Project

The massive ship's new design will feature en-suite bedrooms, an Infinity Lounge featuring both glass ceilings on the floor and roof and an Altitude Bar for fine dining and drinks. The project, entitled ‘Airlander Luxury Tourism Design Development Project,' was awarded a £60,000 Design Foundations Round 2 grant by the UK’s Innovation Agency.

“We are excited with the prospect of working on such a unique project, not only is it the largest flying aircraft in the world but it demands an interior that truly breaks new ground and provides an experience that will be unlike anything seen before. This will be something that passengers will treasure all their lives.” had said Howard Guy, C.E.O and joint founder of Design Q.

The Airlander was chosen as an ideal vehicle for high-end, luxury tourism due to its unique ability to stay in the air for up to five days at a time in virtual silence.

The ship's architecture that also allows for floor-to-ceiling windows made it particularly well-suited for navigating locations with breathtaking views.

Airlander 10 is also a hyper-efficient aircraft capable of flying for weeks at a time. The ship can also land virtually anywhere, including in desert sand, ice, and water, which means passengers can travel in luxury to some of the world's hardest to reach regions.

The new ship's first trial flight is set for 2018. Once approved as safe for all passengers, the luxury craft will be available to travel to extreme and varied destinations that range from the North Pole to the Namib Desert.

Traveling to hidden corners around the world

The ship's team has signed an agreement with luxury travel agency Henry Cookson Adventures to be the first to trial an expeditionary journey on the new craft.

The agency will collaborate with scientists and conservationists in order to offer tours to inaccessible exotic elusive locations hidden from most of the world.

“I have flown Airlander a number of times now, and am really excited about the possibility of taking the first passengers on board. I can imagine the awe and excitement of seeing the world in luxury, with amazing views, quietly and whilst respecting the environment.” said Dave Burns, Airlander Chief Test Pilot.

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