Meet The New Subscription Service For Mac Apps

Meet The New Subscription Service For Mac Apps

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Hundreds of new apps are added to the Mac App Store every day, some better than others. The good news about this constant onslaught of new apps is that there’s a limitless number to choose from, but that’s also the bad news.

Unless you’re searching for a particular (and popular) app, it can be nearly impossible to track down something that truly matches your needs. And when you do happen to find a decent fit, it’s often poorly reviewed, if at all.

Setapp puts an end to the App Store madness by offering you unlimited access to 100 curated apps that can do an almost endless number of jobs, and right now a 1-year subscription is available for over 40% off at just $69.

Whether you’re searching for productivity apps, developer tools, personal finance assistants, or task management streamliners, Setapp makes it incredibly easy to quickly and efficiently track down the perfect app for the task at hand.

You pay a single monthly price for the service (so you don’t have to worry about needlessly expensive individual apps or those annoying in-app purchases), and you’ll never have to wade through seas of advertisements or confusing fine-print to get what you want.

You won’t even have to search for reviews or compare prices for the apps you want, since you’ll know exactly what you’re getting right out of the gate. You’ll also never have to pay for upgrades, which every App Store user knows can be an endless headache.

The app library is easy to navigate, and you’ll be able to ensure that you have the latest versions of each app in your library without having to lift a finger or check for more recent iterations.

You can even use Setapp on two computers simultaneously—making it an excellent option for families or couples.

Break free from the Mac App Store with a 1-year all-inclusive subscription to Setapp for just $69—over 40% off its usual price.

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